Save Gaza Concert 2012

Venue: Laman Santai Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

MIM band joined a charity concert organized by Vintage Gear Enterprise and Aman Palestine. This charity concert is for saving lives in Palestine, Gaza.

MIM Bowling Tournament 2012


Venue: Shalin’s Bowling Centre, Shah Alam Selangor


Aidilfitri & Merdeka Open House 2011

Venue: MIM office

People from all walks of life made a beeline to attend Aidilfitri- Merdeka Open House of MIM. The well-wishers were served a variety of food, mostly local delicious foods such as satay, rendang, lemang, ketupat and nasi impit and those leaving after the meal also received a goodies pack and children were given duit raya.